The Refugees of Shangri-La​​​​​

The Refugees of Shangri-La:   Synopsis

The Refugees of Shangri-La explores the indomitable spirit of scarcely-known group of exiles from the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. After 20 years in exile, many abandon hopes of returning to a paradise lost and choose to seek a future in a place called America.

In the shadow of Bhutan’s lofty ideal of Gross National Happiness hide 107,000 refugees, who were pushed out of their country as their peaceful kingdom turned against them.

After twenty years living in bamboo huts and barbed wire parameters in Nepal; the "Refugees of Shangri-la" break a solution-less cycle and brave a new course, westward ho.

The film shows a population, packing up for a journey that will scatter them across the sea into a strange new world. And how the power of their community helps them to face odds with hope, optimism and an enduring smile. On this new quest they change not only their own lives, but ours.